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Better smile, better health (Braces for children and adults)

About us


Shirokanedai Pearl Orthodontic clinic committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment for both children and adults.
Services are provided for correction of relatively minor to the more severe orthodontic problems.
We provide treatment using traditional or esthetic (white) braces, as well as clear aligners (Invisalign).
For more information, please contact directory to us.

Shirokanedai Pearl Orthodontic clinic also offer in-office tooth whitening and cleaning.

Shirokanedai Pearl Orthodontic clinic was founded by Naoko Takahashi DDS in November 2018.
She has many experience in the field of orthodontics.
Before founding Shirokanedai Pearl Orthodontic clinic, she worked at Department of orthodontics at The Tokyo University Hospital, as well as Tokyo Medical and Dental University; those are among the leading orthodontic departments in Japan.
She also spent a few months at Department of Orthodontics, University of California at Los Angeles as a visiting student.
She also has an experience of staying Europe (Berlin, Deutschland) for a year.

Treatment fee

Orthodontic treatment for children

350,000-500,000 JPY

Orthodontic treatment for adults

750,000-1,200,000 JPY

Adjustment fee is need for each orthodontic treatment 5,000 JPY/ a time

Tooth cleaning

Quick (30 min.) 5,000 JPY

Professional care (60 min.) 8000 JPY

Ultimate Whitening (In-office tooth whitening)

45,000 JPY/ a time,
100,000(within 6 months)/ three times
180,000(within a year)/ six times

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Director, Orthodontist

Naoko Takahashi DDS

Naoko Takahashi DDS


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Japanese: mother tongue


Gold Forest bldg. 1F 5-18-17 Shirokanedai Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071

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